The demand for jobs in expert profiles in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown considerably in the last few years. The forecast for the next decade is that it will continue to grow and it could not be covered with the educational offer that exists today. This demand will not only come from large technology companies, but many new ones (start-ups) will need expert profiles in AI. All economic sectors and all fields of knowledge will be involved in this process. Applied AI has a high sectoral transversality, and many professional profiles are needed to satisfy the needs of all economic sectors.

Man learning AI


As the technology continues to grow and impact all areas of our lives, our mission focuses on educating a wide range of audience on the latest developments in AI and, thus, ensuring that everyone has access to the knowledge they need to stay updated and make informed decisions.

TSAAI team is composed of experts from a variety of fields working together to ensure that the technology is used in ways that benefit European society as a whole.


This project aims to provide transversal training in Applied AI to undergraduate students in final courses and graduate students from different fields and degrees. To achieve this goal, the most demanded professional profiles will be developed in terms of AI applied to all economic sectors. Through the MOOC course developed in this project, students will be able to acquire the skills required in these professional profiles.

Target groups

  • University students.

  • Higher Education professors.
  • Companies and other organisations who need AI training.

  • Curious individuals who want to learn about AI.